Providing assistance with both buy-side and sell-side M&A mandates for middle-market companies.

For Sellers

By following a proven, repeatable process we successfully assist in maximizing the payout for our selling business owners. We adhere to the mantra that performing successful M&A involves much more than simply getting the deal done. It’s about maximizing value in each engagement through engaging in a strict auction process. In doing so, we have help companies attain excesses of up to 40% above fair market value.

For Buyers

We recognize that most corporate, professional buyers are serious, experienced and focused in their acquisition strategy. Because our principles of proven themselves in both private equity and investment banking, we can provide the buy-side engagement assistance to meet your current and future goals for growth. We work around your search parameters, ensuring your mandates are met expeditiously.


We maintain razor-like focus on our clients’ corporate and personal goals, asserting that maximizing value may mean much more than monetary payouts. Our rigid focus on middle-market companies with an knack of negotiating terms and pricing, makes us an excellent addition to an existing corporate team.


While much of corporate finance and M&A is found by diving deep into the numbers, we also take an out-of-the-box approach to ensuring no money is left on the table when the deal is eventually consummated. Our success has often been the result of our ability to react quickly and in unconventional ways.


We’re fiercely dedicated to the success of our clients, going the extra mile to ensure all terms, agreements, warrants and ancillary deal parameters are in line with both buyer and seller expectations. Our ultimate success is tied with the success of our clients and our fee structure is aligned accordingly.

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